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Microgrid Shootout: London vs Sydney vs Tokyo

Microgrid Shootout: London vs Sydney vs Tokyo

Microgrids are no longer just a solution for resilience and can now deliver wholesale market services and network capacity, and are emerging as a key component of the future energy system.

The energy system is undergoing a once in a hundred year transformation. Energy markets around the world are under duress due to high energy commodity prices, and we need to invest in and transform our power grids to integrate more renewable energy systems and distributed energy resources. Microgrids are one way to respond to these challenges.

This event featured a hypothetical industrial microgrid project integrating renewable generation, battery storage, and load flexibility and teleported it to London, Sydney and Tokyo.

Through interactive project modelling and an expert panel discussion we compared the different regulatory environments, the project economics that can be achieved in these three markets, and explored future trends.

Event take-aways

  • Understand microgrid investment opportunities
  • Explore the value stacking opportunities for grid-interactive microgrids
  • See techniques to make microgrid projects more bankable
  • Learn about the trends in other markets from industry experts

Expert panel

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