Project Developers

Cutting through the complexity of renewable energy and battery storage project development.

Renewable and battery storage project developers

Navigate Complexity

The world of renewable energy and battery storage project development is becoming more complex: connection, curtailment and congestion risk, co-locating loads including data centers and hydrogen production, microgrid developments, corporate power purchase agreements, virtual power plants distributed across multiple sites, new value stacking opportunities, and a complex eco-system of optimisers and auto-bidders. Gridcog helps project developers to navigate the complex decisions that inform modern energy project development.

Multiple Resources

Wind, solar, storage, and load can all be integrated and co-optimised by Gridcog. By enabling you to rapidly assess hundreds or even thousands of different project options quickly, Gridcog helps you narrow your focus early on the most prospective development opportunities, irrespective of the complexity of your project

Deployment Options

Gridcog supports modeling multiple deployment options including transmission-connected, distribution-connected, microgrid and private-wire developments, and behind-the-meter projects. You can integrate multiple sites across different networks and markets in the same project model to easily compare investment options.

Value Stacking

Energy assets can access multiple value pools from power purchase agreements to cost avoidance, energy arbitrage, provision of reserve capacity, environmental certificate generation, market ancillary services and network support services. Use different project scenarios to quickly test different market pricing models to quickly forecast the potential revenue of your development opportunity.

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