Consultants & Advisors

Rigorous and complete project modeling to give your clients confidence in their energy supply arrangements and development and decarbonization project opportunities

Engineering, economic, and energy sector advisors and consultants

Navigating Complexity

The energy system is changing fast. On the demand-side, customers have new energy supply options, including owning and operating their own distributed energy resources, fuel switching for transport and heating, corporate power purchase agreements, and demand flexibility and energy efficiency. On the supply-side, generators, suppliers, distributors are all trying to navigate the twin challenges of integrating more variable renewable energy systems and more distributed energy resources, creating new risks and new opportunities.

Project Engineering

Engineering consultants who undertake feasibility studies and provide technical advice to their clients can use Gridcog to integrate rigorous econo-technical assessments into their engagements to add a commercial and emissions perspective to their engagements.

Economic Advice

Energy market and regulatory consultants can use Gridcog to quickly build complex multi-market, multi-site, multi-asset models to support their analysis. Gridcog complements traditional energy market modeling tools and avoids the need to build bespoke tools and models for each engagement.

Energy & Decarbonization

Energy consultants can use Gridcog to help large energy users, property and real-estate companies, and corporations make better energy and decarbonization decisions. Whether it is meeting a net-zero or 24/7 carbon-free energy target, electrifying transport and logistics, or reducing energy supply costs, Gridcog can help you help your client find the best option.

Flexible Arrangements

Multiple commercial engagement options are available to suit your business, including traditional SaaS subscriptions, options to pass-through software costs on a per-engagement basis, on-selling and referral payments, or a full strategic partnership. Contact us to discuss how Gridcog can amplify your consulting business.

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