Property & Real-Estate

Enhance sustainability, maximize commercial returns and improve amenity and resilience within the built environment.

Integrate renewable energy supply and distributed energy resources into the built environment

Enhance Sustainability

Property is the new utility, providing local and sustainable essential services to building users including energy, water, climate control and telecommunications. We help land and property developers and large real-estate owners integrate clean energy into their properties to enhance sustainability and meet net-zero targets, and to flip energy from a cost driver to a revenue earner.

Electrify Everything

Electrification is a major global trend with multiple countries around the world setting dates to ban the sale of fossil fuel vehicles and to ban gas connections to new developments. From residential land developments, apartments, and retirement homes, to commercial offices, shopping centers, and large industrial estates, the most sustainable developments integrate local clean energy solutions.

Building the New, Retrofitting the Old

All new land and property developments should embed e-mobility and renewable energy generation and battery storage, and in most cases, retrofitting this technology will improve asset values for existing properties.

Optimizing Decision Making

Gridcog can optimize the selection, sizing, and controls for new clean energy solutions within new and existing properties. And can take into account new options for participation in energy markets, like creating virtual power plants, and new options for private electricity distribution networks in the form of microgrids and embedded networks.


Gridcog recognises the complexity of the property sector and the need to support multiple stakeholders — owners, developers, managers, tenants, and buyers — and can give everyone visibility of the costs and benefits, planning and operations, of distributed energy technology.

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