Wind Modeling

Automated modeling of Wind Turbines

Wind turbine modeling

The power of nature

The energy system is being transformed by renewable power generation. Gridcog can model front-of-meter and behind-the-meter wind turbines, large and small, along with a variety of commercial models, including power purchase agreements (PPAs). Information on how Gridcog models wind can be found in our technical documentation. Easy to use parameter forms make it simple to configure your wind turbine projects, and to test wind generation as an option within your next energy project.

Wind Resource Data

Gridcog integrates a global database of wind resource data. Just set the location of your site, information on the surrounding terrain, and the size options you want to model, and Gridcog will do the rest, providing accurate simulation results showing the expected output of your wind generation system. If you don’t want to use our built-in power curves, you can also integrate external modeling of wind generation from specialist tools into your Gridcog energy project model.

Hybrid Battery Solutions

Gridcog also makes it simple to model hybrid solutions with integrating wind generation and battery energy storage, and even supports the integration of solar generation and co-located loads such as hydrogen production of high-capacity EV fleet charging. The modeling can include co-optimization of the controls of all co-located resources, so you can obtain a comprehensive view of the revenue opportunities of your project.

Economic Curtailment

Many power grids with high penetration of intermittent renewable generation are seeing energy market dynamics with increasing numbers of negative pricing events. Your Gridcog project model can include fully optimized economic curtailment of your generation system, taking into account the revenue opportunities associated with environmental certificates, and the potential network costs associated with importing energy from the grid for any co-located loads or storage, which may mean it is still optimal to generate during negative price events.

System Curtailment

If your system could be subject to curtailment by the system operator due to network congestion, then you can upload a curtailment schedule in an alternative project scenario to understand the economic risk that system curtailment could present to your project (along with the opportunity to manage this risk by co-locating storage or load with your wind assets).

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