Energy Suppliers

Enabling suppliers to offer innovative new retail products and energy solutions & services.

Innovative energy suppliers and electricity retailers

Energy Suppliers

Energy suppliers and electricity retailers are increasingly being challenged by the energy system transition, with customer demand for new green and distributed supply options. Gridcog can help energy providers offer their customers new energy supply options and new energy solutions and services.

Product Innovation

Customers have increasing access to innovative new retail products (progressive purchasing, wholesale pass-through, fixed-price mobile phone-style plans, and more); bundling energy supply with other products and services, including participation in demand response programs and virtual power plants; buying energy from microgrid and embedded network owners instead of from the public distribution networks; running tenders to procure renewable energy through power purchase agreements (PPAs); and investing in self-supply from behind-the-meter energy assets.

Renewable Energy Targets

Customers also have new drivers to consider when they are choosing an energy provider. More and more customers are focused on sustainability, and some have adopted strict renewable energy targets, focused on Net-Zero Emissions or 24x7 Carbon-Free Energy.

Behind-the-meter Solutions

Behind-the-meter solutions are increasingly cost effective compared to energy supplied from public electricity or gas networks, and new entrants are offering these solutions to customers under a range of new business models, leading to a reduction in load available for incumbent suppliers to serve. These solutions are also offering an alternative to traditional network augmentation when customers need additional capacity to expand their facilities.

Transition to the Future

Traditional energy providers have strong advantages in the market: access to customer data, a wholesale market position, and strong billing and customer service functions. By taking these advantages and innovating quickly to bring new products and services to market, energy providers can navigate the transition to the future distributed energy system.

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