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Gridcognition Virtual Retreat

It was the one year anniversary of Gridcognition this month and we had our inaugural week-long company-wide retreat. This time it was virtual but we’re hoping that our next one will be in-person.

Gridcognition mission

We started the week talking about our mission, which is to accelerate the transition to a decentralised and zero-emissions energy system.

The next two decades will see trillions of dollars of investment in new energy and transport infrastructure, which we think will increasingly be directed towards small, smart assets distributed throughout the built environment. As the energy system becomes almost entirely electrified (from around 20% of end-use energy now to over 80% by 2050), we think the balance of electricity generation will shift into local energy systems.

At Gridcognition, we’re here to help the people rolling out these new energy assets to get both the best economic outcome for their stakeholders and the best environmental outcome to tackle the climate crisis.

Listening to our customers and advisors

We were also fortunate to have a number of customers come and speak to the team about their experiences working with us and the technology we are developing. Our customers come from diverse industries and backgrounds, but they are all focused on developing distributed energy projects.

Our customers had great feedback and insights and definitely helped us shape our product roadmap, but I can’t help but share two quotes I wrote down during these sessions …

“I feel like this tool was built exactly for me. I wish I had it two years ago [when I started developing distributed generation and storage projects].”

“Gridcognition is my secret weapon [referring to a tender this customer recently won that was supported by the modelling output from our technology].”

We also had investors and advisors come and speak to the team, sharing their insights into the energy system transition and their experiences building global technology businesses.

Having fun and building cool stuff

Our values at Gridcognition including being inventive and future focused and having fun and collaborating. So even though our team is remote we had some fun facilitated activities together including competing in a virtual escape room, and exploring using art to be more creative and expressive.

But probably the most fun was had was completing the week-long Hackathon, when we broke up into two teams and had a go at building two cool new products in a week. We’re keeping one of these on the down-low for now, but team Guardians of the Gubbins will be sharing a blog post describing what they built next week.

Join the team

We’re just getting started at Gridcognition, and our team is expanding. If you’d like to help accelerate the transition to decentralised and zero-emissions energy system you find can find out more by visiting join the team, or you can reach out to me to by emailing [email protected].

Fabian Le Gay Brereton
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
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