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It’s A Kind Of Magic

Magic Mode is one of our product themes for 2023, but Christmas has come early, and it’s great to be able to share some details on our first ‘magical’ feature drop.

To understand Magic Mode let’s look at a few Gridcog use-cases:

Use Case 1: Enabling EV Charging. I don’t have enough network capacity for my new EV infrastructure to meet charging demand. What is the optimal size battery to install?

Use Case 2: Targeting Net Zero. What is the right mix of off-site (renewable PPA) and on-site renewables and storage to meet my net-zero goals?

Use Case 3: Portfolio analysis. I’ve got hundreds or even thousands of sites to assess, which ones should I target for solar and storage, and how big should those systems be?

Use Case 4: Hybrid project development. I’m developing a hybrid wind and storage project, with a constrained grid connection. What is the commercially optimal system sizing?

Use Case 1: Enabling EV charging

A shopping centre is looking to install a number of EV fast chargers for its customers but they have some constraints courtesy of the distribution network. Firstly, they pay a network tariff that includes an expensive kW demand charge. Secondly, the network won’t allow them any additional connection capacity. They currently have 1.5MW and the EV charging could potentially require an extra 0.5MW of demand.

They’re considering a battery storage system to help prevent the EV charging events from increasing their overall site demand such that they exceed their connection capacity, and also from driving up their network service costs. But what is the optimal battery size to enable charging and minimise electricity supply costs? Magic Mode has the answer.

Use Case 2: Targeting net zero

A progressive corporation has committed to net zero energy emissions across their property portfolio. They plan on achieving this through a combination of an off-site PPA from a wind farm and  on-site renewable energy with solar and battery storage.

Given the differing costs of the PPA and the on-site projects, and given the differing impact these two approaches have on the cost stack for supplied energy,  what is the best mix of off-site and on-site investment? Magic Mode has the answer.

Use Case 3: Portfolio analysis

A Government agency is planning to deploy solar and battery storage across over 1000 schools. The portfolio includes a mix of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools connected to a variety of different distribution networks, different network connection limits (maybe even subject to dynamic operating envelopes), and different  electricity supply arrangements.

The agency wants to quickly analyse their portfolio  and determine optimal solution for each school. They have two main questions:. Which solution will deliver the best commercial return, and solution will get the sites to 80% energy self-sufficiency? Magic Mode has the answer.

Use Case 4: Hybrid development

A renewable developer has approval for a 50MW nameplate connection to the grid, however there is likely to be congestion at certain times of day based on the other assets connected to the local transmission network, which will cause curtailment by the system operator. A forecast curtailment schedule has been developed by their connections team.

The project developer wants to determine the optional combination of wind and battery storage that will deliver the greatest commercial return from a combination of wholesale energy supply and the provision of ancillary services like frequency regulation. How should they size their assets to maximise the value of their grid connection? Magic Mode has the answer.

But how does it work?

If you are interested in some of the technical details on how Gridcog can optimally and automatically determine the right solution for these different scenarios, check out this blog post from our Head of Data Science: The Modelling Behind Magic Mode.

PS: It’s a kind of magic!

Pete Tickler
December 8, 2022
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As the product lead my role is to understand both the business’s needs and our customers’ needs, and work with everyone in the business to plan and implement improvements to the platform. But this is my first time working in the energy industry.

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