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Meet Lindsay Le Grand - our Brand and Content Associate in London!

I’m delighted to welcome Lindsay Le Grand to Gridcog’s growing London team!

As we grow the Gridcog brand across the UK and Europe we were keen to find a skilled creative to tell our story and breakdown some of the jargon filled energy industry for our community. With a background in videography, including working with very technical university course subject matter in the USA, Lindsay brings an excellent creative skillset to our team and she’s already adding a lot of value to our brand building and presence.

Read on to learn more about Lindsay … and keep an eye out for enhanced content and video coming from Gridcog soon!

What were you doing prior to Gridcog and what got you into Brand and Content?

Prior to Gridcog, I was a content creator for the Academic Production Team at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. In this role, I worked on a range of video projects from online courses of dense subject matter to full length documentaries on authors and archivists. Additionally, I ran a freelance marketing business and worked with a number of brands producing social media marketing content for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I really enjoyed getting to use my camera and design skills to tell the story of each brand I worked with; and I even made a viral superstar out of my dog, Kona!

What is your role at Gridcog?

I’m the Brand and Content Associate. I’ll be helping grow the Gridcog brand across the UK and Europe through creative video, copy and visual assets.

What attracted you to working with Gridcog?

I was drawn in by Gridcog’s mission for a better world and solving environmental problems. As someone who loves the outdoors, I’m always mindful of how I can reduce my carbon footprint, so learning about Gridcog’s software and the large scale way it helps business’s transition to a decentralised landscape was really interesting. I love using my creative abilities to tell meaningful stories, and helping save the planet is about as meaningful as it gets!

What have you been working on so far at Gridcog?

Well, my first week at Gridcog was in Bali on the company retreat, which is a pretty awesome way to onboard. So during that week I had the opportunity to meet everyone in person and get to learn about the different teams and time zones that make up Gridcog. Even though I’ll get to spend a lot of time in person with my London colleagues, it was great getting to hangout with the Australian team IRL for a few days so the online meetings feel less distant.

Since being back in London, I edited a fundraising announcement video to go live in March, wrote a blog post on how fun our Bali retreat was, and have been diving into the Gridcog software to learn all that I can about what we can do. I’m drafting up some video ideas to bridge the gap between the wealth of knowledge our team has and the viewer who wants to know more. Keep an eye out for some exciting informational videos!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love walking, hiking, running… basically anything that involves moving my body and being outdoors. I plan most of my holidays around different hikes I want to do because being in the mountains is my favourite place to be. I added a couple days on at the end of our Bali retreat to do the overnight, 11 hour trek up Mount Agung to watch the sunrise. It was probably the hardest hike I’ve ever done, but I loved it.

Lindsay (middle) with London-based colleagues on top of Mount Agung, Bali.

What technology could you not live without?

Probably my AirPods/headphones. I can’t go a day without listening to music. If you haven’t listened to John Butler Trio’s “Ocean” live at Red Rocks, I highly recommend. It’s about as energising as a cup of coffee (although, I still need my coffee).

Genna Boyle
Director UK & Europe
March 7, 2024
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