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Meet our Head of Finance, Dan Gevaux!

I’m delighted to welcome Dan Gevaux to Gridcog’s growing London team!

Dan has joined our team as Head of Finance and Operations and brings excellent knowledge to our team, which will help as we continue to grow. In fitting with our team of passionate energy nerds Dan is no newbie to the energy sector with previous experience in working in finance roles in smart metering, battery and PPA optimisation companies. Read on to learn more about Dan!

What got you into the energy space and what were you doing before Gridcog?

After a year hiatus I’m back in the energy industry! Previously, I have worked in a BESS optimiser and PPA provider company called Limejump (not the electric bicycles!), providing a route to market for asset owners in the UK. I have also been part of the UK Smart Meter rollout and adoption within Smart DCC, partnering with programme directors to deliver the technology and hardware that enables the Smart DCC network to cover 99% of premises across the UK. Outside of the energy industry, I have experience working in architecture, financial services and modular spaces.

What is your role at Gridcog?

Head of Finance and Operations. This encompasses all aspects of the finance function as well as the back office requirements needed to run a business in the modern era.

What interests and excites you most about the energy industry?

The size of the challenge facing the world today with climate change is immense and while it seems daunting, I would rather try and contribute (however small) to reducing the size of the problem rather than leave it for somebody else.

What attracted you to working with Gridcog?

The Gridcog product. It's ready for the future energy market, where making the right decisions will require handling more complex choices and doing more in-depth analysis. The people at Gridcog are true energy fanatics who enjoy thinking about every aspect of the energy transition. They're exactly who you want building great tools to drive the energy transition forward. I’m lucky to now be working alongside them.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Mostly exercising. I’m still healing from missing my marathon target time by 50 seconds!

What technology could you not live without?

My second brain (my phone!).

Genna Boyle
Director UK & Europe
June 24, 2024
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