Large Energy Users

Explore new energy options before you invest to manage supply costs and enhance environmental outcomes

Large energy user - energy management and distributed energy resources

Flipping Energy from Opex to Capex

For industrial and commercial customers, energy has always been an operational input cost. But new energy technologies mean that large energy users can flip energy from an operational cost to manage to being a project investment opportunity to optimize. Energy management and energy efficiency, fuel switching and electrification, distributed energy resources, and new renewable procurement opportunities are all putting large energy users back in control. Gridcog can help connect the world of energy for large energy users.

Distributed Energy Resources

Gridcog enables modeling of solar, wind, storage, load flex, and EV charging projects across large portfolios of sites. We think the future of energy is decentralized and those that get there first will be rewarded with reduced energy costs, new revenue opportunities, and more sustainable energy supply. Gridcog delivers confidence in DER investment opportunities, providing a complete view on the value stack across both behind-the-meter and front-of-meter value pools.

Net-Zero and 24/7 CFE

For many industrial and commercial customers, sustainability has become a board-level corporate imperative. Energy teams are being required to track and report on energy emissions, and to develop project opportunities to meet net-zero emissions or 24/7 carbon-free energy targets (24/7 CFE). Gridcog enables energy projects to be modeled that optimize for emissions reduction as well as commercial outcomes, whether that is based on traditional Scope 1 and Scope 2 reporting, or based on emerging trends like 24/7 CFE.

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