Interactive designer for modeling multi-market, multi-site, multi-asset projects.

Interactive web-based energy project modeling for PV, battery storage, EV charging, and more

Visual Editing

A simple interactive visual interface makes creating scenario-based energy project models easy. The ‘Site, Loads, and Assets’ designer allows you to configure the physical side of your scenario, from site connections to loads and resources. The ‘Participants and Value Flows’ designer allows you to identify stakeholders and define the commercial model. And the ‘Optimization’ designer allows you to configure the simulation of the intelligent control system that will control the resources in your model.

Portfolio Modeling

Whether your project is across one site or hundreds of sites, you can model it in Gridcog. ‘Portfolio mode’ switches from the site designer layout to a tabular grid so you can see all of your sites and energy resources together on the screen. And features like ‘clone across sites’ and ‘save across scenarios’ make it easy to apply changes consistently to all the sites in your portfolio.

Project Collaboration

Gridcog is designed for multi-user collaboration. You can easily share access to project models with colleagues with flexible permissions control. Comments make it stay up to date with the project, send chat updates to colleagues, or engage with our customer success team to have your technical questions answered. And all changes are tracked so users can update models with confidence.

Security & Control

Access to your project model is strictly security controlled, and every change is tracked and version managed. You can iteratively build up your model, creating as many scenarios as you require, and then running simulations and reviewing results as you refine the project design, safe in the knowledge that you can easily roll-back to a previous version.

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