Technology Businesses

Create confidence in your technology and solutions through simulation and tracking to prove commercial and environmental outcomes

Using simulation and tracking to prove the performance of energy technology solutions

Customer Confidence

Energy and technology are converging. Energy outcomes depend on technology performance, and Gridcog can support the go-to-market activities of technology businesses and solution providers by providing customers proof-of-performance through simulation and tracking. From new storage technologies and battery chemistries, to smart orchestration and optimisation software platforms, Gridcog can accurately model performance for both prospective opportunities and deployed portfolios of assets, creating confidence for your customers.

Multiple Sites & Assets

The new energy world combines generation, storage, and load with intelligent control. Wherever your technology fits into the energy ecosystem, Gridcog can simulate and co-optimize all the resources and technologies that work together with yours, and can take into account your customers’ specific sites, network connections, and loads to provide a holistic and connected view of performance across multiple markets, sites and assets.

Rich Data Integration

The energy balance is shifting towards smarter, more controllable, and more distributed energy resources, accessing increasingly complex stacks of value. There is a commensurate increase in the amount of data required to monitor and manage these resources: site meter data, asset telemetry data, environmental data and market data. The Gridcog’s Simulation and Optimization Engine is able to integrate all of that data, along with the associated commercial arrangements, and provide detailed and rigorous accounting of commercial and environmental outcomes.

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